Guardian House FunctionEdit

The Guardian house have 2 different function.

  • Fusion
  • Evolve

We Beginn with "Fusion", there you can see all your at time available Guardians in 1 window. Choose the guardians where you wanna "Fusion" it with Material to obtain EXP for your Guardian.


Picture Example:
  1. you can choose max 5 Essence,in 1 turn Fusion
  2. there you see how much EXP you would gain
  3. how much gold this fusion would cost

All Guardians need to reach a specific lvl when you want to evolve it.When your guardian reached the max evolve lvl then you should go on with lvl up the guardian,becasue each lvl increase the stats of your guardian. For upgrading the guardians you can use all kinds of Essence to get EXP butis the best essence which you can choose the"Essence Chakra Totem".



Picture Example:

  1. requiered
  2. to upgrade the Guardian
  3. amount of Gold which is need

Each Guardian have other requierements for Evolve. And it gives Guardian with just 1 Evolve Stage and other with 2 Evolve stages.

Scarleto.Lui (talk) 14:11, November 10, 2013 (UTC)

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