Market FunctionEdit

The Market have 4 Functions:



You can just Extract Gears which are NOT equipped !!! Click on the Gear which you want extract.

  1. The Tama which will be extract (it allways extract ALL Tama which are on the Gear and the Result is everytime a decreased Tama lvl /// Example here: Tama +15 CP ->Extract = Get Tama +10 CP)
  2. The amount of Gold which you need


In upgrade interface you will see all Tama which you have in inventory at the moment. Click on the Tama which you want to upgrade.

  1. Tamaupgrade
    Result after upgrade
  2. The Requiered Essence for upgrade it
  3. amount of Gold which you need

Gear Shop:Edit

in the new Gear Shop you can buy new Gears,with Gpld & Jade.

The Differents:

  • 200 Jade = 5/5 Slot
  • 80 Jade = 3/5 Slot
  • 1m Gold = 1/5 Slot

more infos comming soon!!!


In Item-interface you can sell 5 Essence at the same time.

Scarleto.Lui (talk) 22:22, November 17, 2013 (UTC)