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Game Info
"Collect all 7 Goshinki and learn the ultimate Jutsu and bring peace to the world." That's the lesson of Legendary ZET give us. Ninja ZET brings you the exciting Ninja world in an adventurous RPG theme. You can level up and customize your character with skills, armor, weapons and gears. Experience the exciting adventure with your character and hunt for the mysterious Goshinki!
Release Date iOS: Sept 2013
Android:Sept 2013
Facebook: Aug 2013
Category Action & RPG
Language English
Publisher Playtasy
Required platforms iOS 4.3+
Android 2.2+
Price Free (With Premium Items)
Download iOS:App Store
Android:Google Play
Official site

Website | Facebook

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Treasure Guide


Clan chiba
  • New upcomming Sanjo Battle is confirmend!!
  • Actuel Informations:
  • 4 Difficult Modes
  • New Secret Skill Drop
  • New Gear Drop

New Update version 3.4 is released!!!

Whats New???

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Update Version 3.5
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The End for not-Fair-Player (cheater) is comming
  • Ninja Zet have found a way to Identify Accounts which using "Cheat-Engine" in the Game!!
  • At the moment it is just in "Testing-Phase"
  • It will happen that Players which use a cheat,will be Reseted of the Account!!!
  • Additional have we in the "Ninja Zet Player-Group" on Facebook, a little Team which collect informations about cheat-user!!!
...short and simple...
!!! Dont use Cheats & Play Fair !!!

which "Secret Skill" Mission do you wish for Next???...Vote NOW

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Update 3.5 will come soon!!! whats new??
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