This page include the mostly asked Questions of the Ninja Player!!!

Server Time / Game Time / UTCEdit

which main time have the server / game ????

the game-server-time is the basis London time ( Gmt +/- 0)

for the Rush Time / Rush Event-Time it will be allways announced with the UTC time when the rush-missions will appear!!!

Example: (remember; all times based on the Server time Gmt + 0 )

  • 0200 UTC =   2:00 = 2 a.m
  • 0700 UTC =   7:00 = 7 a.m
  • 1500 UTC = 15:00 = 3 p.m
  • 2300 UTC = 23:00 = 11 p.m


what i need to upgrade a skill???

it is different from skill to skill and from the lvl of the skill

how much skill-scroll i need to upgrade a secret or forbidden skill to max lvl ???

different skills different conditions (learn more about Skills->click ->>Skill)


what different kinds of gear it gives???

3 kinds...Head + Body + Weapon

(learn more about Gears->click ->>Gear)


i found a bug...what now???

make a screenshot of the green error code (left down corner) and comment it in the bug report section


can i use same friend more times??

yes you can, but after 1 time use you will not get pal points extra!!!

what is the different between FB-add & ID-add ???

With FB-add you can use the avatar of the added friend BUT with decreased Stats (using him will give you 1x 15 pal-points)

With ID-add you can use the avatar of the added friend BUT with Actuel Stats (using him will give you 1x 5 pal-points)

Log in BonusEdit

which log in bonus it gives???

it gives the normal log in bonus which acumulate to 7 days ( = 500 gold + 200 pal points)

after log in more days without a break you will get Jade-Rewards for specific acumulated-log-in days ->

  • 30 days = 30 Jade
  • 60 days = 50 Jade
  • 100 days = 100 Jade
  • 150 days = ??? Jade (coming soon)