Some Skills have extra this Guide you will find different Main Skills and Guardian Skills with the introduce of the different effects!

Effect SkillsEdit

Special Effect SkillsEdit

Catch Me If You Can SkillEdit

The skill deal XX dmg for each Movement of the enemy.And this skill is an all-time-buff-skill,means its works till the hitted enemy is defeated. But the dmg is against armor!!!

Example with 150 dmg for each move:

Enemy have 0 Armor: =deal 150 dmg for each Move

Enemy have 100 Armor: = deal 50 dmg for each Move

This skill is the Main-Skill for the Hit & Run-Tactic!!!(the skill ahve a cooldown of 25,after hitting the nemy 2 times with this skill,the amount of dmg will of course increase)

Onmyoji Cat 3rd Skill (Guardian)Edit

It increase the distance + range of all Kido skills to max. Best use for supporting,and long time Enemy-Buff

Example: after use Onmyoji cat 3rd skill,you can use Velvet (stun) Skill, the range + distance will be max,so you can Stun all enemys in 1 turn.

(best combination,is for the Tactic:Buff + Long Range atacks)

Poison EffectEdit

Poisen Skils are the best Skills for Enemys with High HP and / or High Armor. Reason 1. Poisen skills deal the poisen-dmg, no matter how much Armor the Enemy have. Reason 2. it is an all-time-Buff-Skill,means the effect ends when the enemy is defeated!!!

Night Soul Parade SkillEdit

Cooldown you can use this Skill more times to increase the dmg for each hit.

Hachimata 3rd Skill (Guardian)Edit

Cooldown you can use it for the long time fights.

(poisen Skills are a good choice,if you wanna play a Hit & Run-Tactic)

Bleeding EffectEdit

Bleeding Atacks are good for long time fights,because it reduce each turn HP & CP of the hitted enemy!!! BUT the Bleeding-dmg is against armor.That means,vs Enemys which Armor is higher than your Bleed-dmg it will become useless and deal just 1 Bleed-dmg.

Mushoken SkillEdit

Cooldown 8,and distance 2

Niten Ichi-Ryu SkillEdit

Cooldown 8,and distance 1

(good for using Tactic "Hit & Run"...example: stun enemy go close to him,atack with Bleed-Skills,and then run till the cooldown become 0 again)

Reduce Damage EffectEdit

this Skills can reduce the amount of dmg which you normaly would take!!!

Kaku 3rd Skill (Guardian)Edit

Cooldown 25 ; reduce dmg for 3 turns by 50%!!!

Extra Info: Using 2 Kaku in Battle and the Skills work @ the same time will NOT reduce the dmg for 100% Example: enemy dmg = 1000 ->activate 1st Kaku = enemy dmg 500 -> activate 2nd kaku=enemy dmg 250

Pumpkin 3rd Skill (Guardian)Edit

cooming soon!!

Unbeatable  SkillEdit

This Skill increase your Armor. For Each 1 Armor = minus 1 dmg

(This Skills are good in use for Player which fight close to enemy,using a lot skills with low distance)

Strengthen EffectEdit

Increase Stats or 'Element dmg!!!

Power StrengthenEdit

Increase Power Stats of all Teammembers. 1 Power increase = +0.0013157894736842105263157894736842% of Skill Power (Example: if u have 1000 Skill Power Like Jumonji Slash Basic Power then every +1 power increase = +1.315789473684210526315789473 Skill Power. If you Put +19 Power Tama = 1000+25 Skill Power of Jumonji Slash

Element StrengthenEdit

Increase the Skill dmg.

Example: your Ninjutsu Atack have 1000 dmg, and you use Ninjutsu + 200% Skill = 1k + 2k = 3000 dmg

Transform EffectEdit

Nekomata 3rd Skill (Guardian)Edit

Transform All  Orbs To Healing Orbs

Minimizing of You SkillEdit

Minimizes Target Permantly and Weaken all armor for 1 turn

Burning EffectEdit

Fire Rain SkillEdit

Deal additional dmg , BUT it is against Armor.

Fiery Spiraling ShurikenEdit

Deal additional dmg , BUT it is against Armor.

(Against Armor = if the Enemy-Armor is higher as your Burn-dmg,than the Burn dmg become 1)

Immobilse EffectEdit

Immobilise Skills ar good for use that the enemy cant come to close to you!!! best use vs enemy with Bakuda Atacks (yellow Enemys) The Immobilise-Effect make it for the enemy impossible to make a Move,so take attention not to be in the Enemy-Atack-Range.

Chidori Katana SkillEdit

Cooldown 8, distance 2 -> 2 Turns Immobilise

Sealing Blow SkillEdit

Cooldown 8, distance 3 -> 2 Turns Immobilise (good use for  "Long-Range-Atack" -Strategy, BUT some Enemys can be just Immobilise for 1 Turn!!!)

Drain EffectEdit

Drain-Effects which take HP or CP from Enemy and give it to the Skill User!!!

Ghost Slash SkillEdit

Drain a good amount of HP, good for use when the Main-Avatar is your Tank!!!

Piercing Beam SkillEdit

The must have/use Skill for Player with low CP!!

Stun EffectEdit

Velvet Encampment SkillEdit

This skill Stuns the enemy for 2 Turns = Enemy can NOT move and can NOT atack you in that effect time!!!

BUT some Enemys can be just Stunned for 1 Turn,so take care!!!

Leap AttackEdit

Skill To Catch enemy which use "Hit and Run" Tactic & good use for "Bakuda" Player to come close to Enemy very fast !!!

Wild Tiger SkillEdit

Leap Attack  3 Square Ahead (Single Target)

Tsubame Gaeshi Skill Edit

Leap Attack 4 Square Ahead (2x2 Area Attack)

More Time AttackEdit

The Skills below are Skills which Atack Enemy more times (the basic dmg will be split in seperate atacks) Example: Death Accupuncture basic dmg 900 = Atack Enemy 3 times with 300 dmg                                     BUT if the Enemy have Armor + 100 then you will deal for each Hit just= Attack Enemy 3 times with 200 dmg !!!

This Info is Just Important for using this skills vs. Enemys with High Armor.

Death Accupuncture Skill = Attack enemy 3 Times

Niten Ichi-Ryu Skill = Attack enemy 7 Times

Ultra Spiraling Shuriken Skill = Attack enemy 3 Times

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