Ninjutsu - Bakuda - Wuju - Kido

These 4 Jutsu are the basement of all Skills.

Jutsu class

Ninjutsu Skills

Need Blue Essence-Material for upgrading.Have short distance and long range.Good for hitting more enemys in 1 turn. Normal cooldown.

Bakuda Skills Edit

Need Yellow Essence-Material for upgrading.The Monk-Class...the Skills have short distance and short range but high power.That skills are the best for player whith high armor and HP. Normal cooldown.

Wuju SkillsEdit

Need Green Essence-Material for upgrading.Long distance and shord range. These skills are usefull vs enemys which have short distance attack. And also for using the Hit & Run tactic. Normal cooldown.

Kido SkillsEdit

Need Purple Essence-Material for upgrading. The supporter-Class...low dmg,but long distance and long range + effects of the skills like heal,slow,stun,immobalilise,strengthen all stats, ressurects, restore hp/cp and leech. Normal cooldown.


Basic SkillsEdit

Here a List with all 16 Basic-Skills (dmg is up to your power-Stats) (Main Character)

Basic Skills

Secret SkillEdit

Available from -> Friendship Treasure -> Rare Essence Treasure->Special Events

Secret Skills are even better then the Basic Skills, They have better effects, and more dmg as Normal Skills.

Here the List with all Secret Skills:

Secret Skill

Forbidden SkillEdit

The Best Skills, till yet in the Game are the Forbidden Skills. You just have the chance to get a forbidden Skill in Special missions like "Genryu Island" or "3 Legends".

Here now the list with the Forbidden skills:

Forbidden skills

Note: the 2  Wuju Forbidden Skills you can get from "Genryu Island"-Event, all other forbidden Skills from "3 Legends"-Event.

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