Basic Info: What different kinds of stuff you may get from the different "Treasure" you will find on this page. It give 1 Treasure for just paying with Pal-Points,and the for the other you need Jade.

Different Treasure:Edit

Pal TreasureEdit

Here you can get all Essence from T1 - T4

Also are Possible to get here all 4 kinds of the "Pobi-Guardians"

Guardian TreasureEdit

Guardian treasure

Game Info: 09/12/2013 Here the list of Guardians which you can get vie this Treasure!!!

Extra info you find here: Guardian Guide!!!

Rare Essence TreasureEdit

Here you can get ALL different Essence & Secret Skill types!!!

Read more about Essence;

Firendship TreasureEdit

Here you can get some of the Helpfull-Secret Skills!!!

Read more about Secret Skills;

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