Version 3.4

Contest Guardian Sharkie is released... -> HERE

New Event Guardian: Winter Samurai is released...-> HERE

New Special Mission: Chiba Clan Sanjo which Drop 1 of  the new Secret Skills... -> HERE

New Supporter Guardians: Oceanic are Released... -> HERE

New  Secret Skills:

  • Ninjutsu: Shark impuls -> HERE
  • Bakuda: Dragon Rising -> HERE
  • Wuju: Phoenix Twister -> HERE
  • Kido: Explosive Blast -> HERE

Change: with release of Version 3.4 will the Resurrection Stones changed for the Stamina-Pills

each lvl up you are able to send this Stones/ Gems to XX Friends!!!!

For more Infos click -> HERE

Version 3.5

Main update

  1. Tama House Building added
  2. New quest arrangement
  3. Stamina pool expands
  4. Introduction of Turt Guardian
  5. New Guardian display
  6. Guardian Gallery
  7. Guardian Skill up feature
  8. Attribute Bonus System
  9. Secret Skill Treasure added
  10. Extra bonus added on Fusion
  11. AI movement option available

Feature Update

  1. Update on market display order
  2. Update on inventory display order
  3. Mail function performance update - support more mails

Bug Fix

  1. Minor bug fixes

New Functions:

AI-Mode -> let the Artificial Inteligenz work for you, if you are busy...

Quest-Panel-> the layout change of the quest you see the mission-rewards before (exp+others)

Mission-Deactivate ->  you have to defeat low dif. ,before you can enter higher difficult event missions

New Events:

Ninja Zet Player-Group-> side Story expanding, new caption for fun + continue the sharkie mission-caption

Guardian Catch-> new Guardian catch missions

more infos coming soon!!!

Scarleto.Lui (talk) 14:01, January 25, 2014 (UTC)